Automotive Showroom

Reproduce the colours of natural daylight in this automotive showroom to better highlight luxury vehicles.

The Ask:

Optimize and enhance showroom lighting to better represent the true colour of luxury showroom vehicles.

The Moonshot Thinking:

Sometimes it’s the smallest things that make the biggest difference. The existing lighting in the showroom design did not best represent or amplify the richness of the product. Moonshot designed and replaced the existing lighting system with driverless low voltage LED light fixtures containing a high Creative Rendering Index which produces a more authentic, rich colour representation of objects throughout the showroom.

The Solution:

  • Replaced lighting system with driverless low voltage LED lights with a CRE value

When working with commercial projects, understanding the business objective is key. We then assess the environment by applying a customer centric overview. Starting with the end customer in mind, helps map the experience required to help the Client achieve their overall business goals.

That’s Moonshot Thinking!
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