Forest Hill Residence

Setting the mood and enhancing entertainment for this urban home.

The Ask:

Elevate the home experience of this urban 5000 sq ft new build. With impeccable finishes the homeowner was looking to highlight the home features with automated lighting. The objective was to implement a system that provided simplified control and energy efficiency. As an audio enthusiast, premium sound was high on the wish list. Over the years the client had collected a series of high end pieces of audio equipment and requested they be integrated with a new audio distribution system allowing control from a single remote.

The Moonshot Thinking:

In an effort to amplify the audio experience while integrating the collection of high end audio equipment posed compatibility issues. Seeking out the best solutions to create a seamless integration of all pieces required time and the expertise of our skilled technicians. The solution resulted in superior sound controlled by a single remote. Moonshot implemented a robust home network ensuring optimal performance of lighting, audio and other connected devices.

The Solution:

  • Audio distributions system
  • Customized automated lighting
  • Multiple TV viewing areas
  • Enterprise grade home network

With an ever growing ecosystem of products becoming smarter and more sophisticated a reliable and efficient network is critical for optimal performance of a smart home. A home network that is robust will ensure all your automated systems, lighting, audio and security function optimally.

That’s Moonshot Thinking!
Our only limit is your imagination.