Pool House

Extending outdoor enjoyment in comfort for this rural space.

The Ask:

There are three seasons of entertainment, and with the Canadian outdoors, the season and days can be limiting without bug consideration. The ask was to find a way to use their outdoor space with added comfort and control into the night.

The Moonshot Thinking:

Enhance the backyard entertainment space by designing and integrating a custom recessed screen solution that responds to a simple tap. This motorized automated screen solution provides refuge from harsh sunlight and insects. With the touch of a button the screens adjust up or down keeping the fresh air in and bugs out, when not in use the screens disappear, out of sight.

The Solution:

  • Custom motorized outdoor retractable screening system
  • Keypad control, remote and mobile control

Automation and home technology creates personalization for the way you live, it provides unparalleled convenience of controlling your environment. Moonshot delivers solutions for even the most unique homes, with controls for amenities such as pools, home theatres and more all in an effort to simplify life and to create more enjoyment out of our spaces be it indoors or out.

That’s Moonshot Thinking!
Our only limit is your imagination.