We all know how frustrating dead spots and rooms with poor connections can be. The foundation of any home automation system is the network it is built on. An ideal network should be reliable and work with all the wired and wireless devices in and outside of your home.

Imagine a home network that seamlessly connects to all your devices and has consistent connection speeds regardless of where you are on your property.

Moonshot allows you to stay connected, no matter what.

With video calling, streaming, gaming, working from home and expanding connected devices the strength and reliability of your network is vital to your home lifestyle. We build enterprise grade networks that are designed for high performance and simplicity.

We design, integrate and manage your network with only the latest encryption technologies.

Robust Networks for Your Connected Home

There has never been a more pressing need for a reliable network in the modern home, whether you’re streaming your favourite shows or meeting a deadline from your home office. Your ability to enjoy a movie, watch live security camera footage without lag, take part in a video conference without pixelation or audio dropout, and so much more is directly impacted by the quality of your network. The sheer quantity of linked gadgets in the average home makes well planned networks necessary. The team at Moonshot Automation is prepared to make sure you always have a quick and dependable internet connection in any room of your home using a combination of wireless and wired solutions.